The J.S. Memorial Scholarship

It is the intent of the Saginaw Valley Association of Nurserymen (S.V.N.L.A.) to establish a college level scholarship in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00), thus named the Jerry Salget Memorial Scholarship, to further the education of individuals pursuing a landscape horticultural career.

Following are a list of guidelines that must be met:


Eligible to all college level students and graduating high school students who are accepted and/or enrolled in a recognized landscape horticultural college level program.


Eligible to all persons whom are either S.V.N.L.A. members, employees of S.V.N.L.A. members or persons sponsored by an S.V.N.L.A. member.


A Scholarship Selection Committee, determined by the S.V.N.L.A. Board of Directors, will review all applications. The Scholarship will be given only to a qualified person as determined by the Selection Committee.


Recipient will be awarded the scholarship by September 1st with appropriate proof of enrollment.

Applications must be submitted by July 1st.